Self Storage

Self Storage

Here at RU² we have a specialized knowledge into the self storage industry. We can provide all necessary services including buying, selling, developing, and management of your properties.


We have facilitated successful sales for our clients for over 40 years. Our ability to quickly locate and match buyers for individual properties, makes us unique in the self storage brokerage. Utilizing one of the largest databases of self storage investors, we are able to maximize potential number of buyers. In self storage brokerage, the more offers you receive is a direct result of more targeted exposure. Combining our knowledge of up to date market conditions along with our national marketing campaigns, leads to efficient transactions.


We have represented buyers of existing properties and development sites since 1973. Our ability to quickly identify properties that meet our clients criteria, with our experience in accurately valuing these facilities, makes us the ideal choice to partner with us for acquisitions. RU² provides the expertise to quickly navigate through the due diligence process and resolve any potential issues in order to facilitate a successful closing. Our long-term relationships with active lenders through the United States, also provides added value for our client’s when they are securing financing for their acquisitions.

If you are interested in a free facility valuation or any other self storage services, please contact Tyler Underwood.