Finding the Right Fit

RU²  /   November 24, 2018

Finding the Right Fit

When in a hiring position it seems harder and harder to find the right person these days. With so many college graduates struggling to find jobs and people looking to change careers it can be a process. Recently being in this position of hiring I found it difficult to wade through the massive amounts of resumes that flooded my inbox. Do you hire a fresh new college grad that has a new look on things but lacks work experience and has been sitting in classrooms for the past 4 or 5 years? Or do you go with someone with experience but maybe doesn’t have some of the new technical skills or innovative ideas.

No matter which way you go you are getting a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get. When going through the process it may seem like it is important to get someone and be done with it but that isn’t the best case. We found that taking your time and biting the bullet on not having someone is the best strategy. Doing your diligence and asking the right questions is important. Being transparent on what the job is and laying out everything will ensure you will get someone who is interested in the position and not just there for the money until they get the job they want.

Finding the right fit is not always easy and not happen on the first try. Sticking with it and taking your time will ensure that you and your company are getting someone that will contribute to your company.

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